Anton Kuertz (live)

Chasing the hihat


Anton Kuertz or Daniel van Drunen in real life, is an Amsterdam based producer and house music entrepreneur being the CEO of the rapidly expanding event company/booking agency and soon to be operating record label Chasing the Hihat. He started his artistic career as an exclusive techno live act linked to a techno event concept, but at some point felt attracted to a different style of music and dialed down the BPM knob to a grooving 115-120 kicks a minute. The sound can be explained within the deep house spectrum but entails a certain roughness around the edges to avoid being compared too much to the rising hype of the melodic house movement.

People who have seen the show however, know that everything stated above is just half the experience. alongside him on stage you will find his musical muse and vocalist Esther Milberg and his oldest friend and the CFO of their company Coen Gülcher, on the electronic accordion. This combination of back stroking vocals and a rarely seen wonderfully built electronic instrument in a live setting is something you won’t come across very often in the clubbing scene.

With gigs at local festivals like Amsterdam Open Air, Float Festival, STRAF_WERK Festival and Mystic Garden festival as well as multiple bookings in Berlin at Arena Club, Chalet and Fiese Remise, this young live act, that only started doing public gigs in the beginning of 2013 is on a streak towards international attention…