Dirty Bastards

Chasing the hihat


Sometimes miracles do happen, proved by the collaboration of these two bastards. Mick is what the first man listens to, named after his pack leader.
Probably born but definitely raised in the cold deep heard of the alaskan wilderness. His sound is strange but true, exactly the opposite. Euphoric melodies is what he likes to feed his guests. Than you have this other guy, called Pieter.
Some say aliens put him on earth, some said he was just there, out of the blue. Most of the time this dude doesn’t know who he is, or were he is from. But who gives a f*ck, cause when he puts his fingers on the decks, some real raw energy start floating through the room!
These bastards formed the duo that they are now after a very dirty adventure, but that’s some other story. One thing is certain, they will, definitely, give all they got!