Eugene (UK/DE) is the solo electroacoustic project of composer Owen Roberts. Drawing as much from experimental techno as from electroacoustics, Eugene is about finding rhythm in texture and melody in timbre. Recordings of acoustic sounds and instruments are processed and abstracted to create new material which exposes the rhythmic and timbral details in each sound. Distorted bass clarinet and heavy drum machine beats add melodic freedom and rhythmic drive to the swells of electroacoustic texture.

Owen Roberts is a Berlin-based composer and musician whose recent composition Recycled Hyperprism Plastik for amplified chamber ensemble was performed by the Owen Roberts Ensemble as part of CTM 2014’s ‘Berlin Current’ commission in Berghain, Berlin.

Owen also performs on Bass Clarinet/Electronics with Raz O’hara as a duo and as part of the Raz O’hara Ensemble as well as frequently collaborating with various members of the Berlin Free Improvisation scene.

A Eugene EP and a double live LP with Raz O’hara are scheduled for release later in the year.