Kat Kat Tat

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From another planet straight to your heart!

Making Buenos Aires her home of choice in 2005, Kat, an ex-editor of the German electronic music publication Raveline, installed herself in the local Argentine scene as a DJ and event organizer as well as continuing her work as a writer and photographer in IDJ, Meoko, DJ Mag, and Electronic Beats, as well as working for labels such as Items & Things, Igloo rec, Lebensfreude, LoMidHigh, Tendenzen Freier Entfaltung, Airdrop, and events such as Snowbombing and ENTER. to name but a few.

After becoming creative director of Wicked Magazine, a bilingual magazine focussed on alternative cultural activities in Buenos Aires in 2008, conducting a radio show called Wicked Frequencies, and organising an artistic event row called Trashmission with her crew of Wicked artists and musicians whilst also DJing in countless events and clubs in Buenos Aires, Neuquen, Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario, Puerto Madryn, Montevideo and Bogota and of course her native Germany, it was time to add something more to her universe: Returning to her artistic roots, she initiated a street art festival called Street Arte BA which unites over 170 street painters from over ten countries. Now in its forth year, SABA received a grant from the Argentine government and continues to grow internationally, with a string of festival workshops planned for the Summer season 2014.

Kat also continues to organize her own events, the Buenos Aires Trash Republique being the successful follow-up of Trashmission. From being an almost all exclusive female event, this party row has mutated into Blue Sunday, an advanced and arty Sunday daytime event in Buenos Aires which is now in its second season, as well as showing its mighty prowess as Blue Republique, held in special venues, thus returning to its underground roots.

Since her relocation to Berlin in Autumn 2013, Kat has worked with Tresor, BPitch, Perspectives Festival, as well as setting up her own event row Post Acid Disco Zoo in the superb club Humboldthain (next one up 19.07.), and co-producing DIVAS in the Fiese Remise with her artist agency MUGMUG.ME. Returning to radio format, she trashmits live every Saturday at 22 hs CET on 8Bitz Radio to bridge the continents and to connect her two mental homes Berlin and Buenos Aires….

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