Lucas Aurel

mischpoke / inlove


Lucas Aurel (latin: aurel – the golden) is a techno/house dj and producer from Berlin. At first sight there is mother’s loll and piano lessons four times a week. Well behaved, lean and reserved. But the mature sound stands in contrast to his appearance. A mixture of broken house and deep techno with a hint of chicago house lets you forget the first impressions and helps you start into the night. Lucas really knows how to create a special, satisfying atmosphere that will take the listener on a journey to forget the daily routine and questions like ‚how old is that boy?’. Nodding with the head is one of the first signs that you’re sharing the passion for good house music with him.
There is no doubt that the future has an exciting time ahead for Lucas, including some own productions, remixes and many good nights. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for this young talent.