Schwipp ϟ Schwapp

Salon zur wilden Renate


Schwipp ϟ Schwapp aka The Mental Men of Gentle Scam are knee-deep into heavy electronic, muscle, disco music with a tense minimal, house flavor.!

Schwipp ϟ Schwapp, found their way into electronic disco music only five years ago. ! However, they both has had a long journey through various types of music; including years of deejaying Funk, Breaks Italo Disco and Hip Hop, which perfectly prepared them for a fast integration into the Berlin-based electronic music scene.

Schwipp ϟ Schwapp have been frequent guest DJs at Berlin’s „Salon zur Wilden Renate“, since 2011. But also regularly touring other Berlin Clubs and festivals like Kater Holzig, Weekend, Rummelsbucht, Morlox, M.I.K.S, Brunnen 70, M.B.I.A, ZMF, Freudenreich, and the new place to be Gretchen just to name a few and not to forget the legendary and now closed Club der Republik.

After their first appearances in front of larger crowds, word spread quickly about their intense straight in the face dj-sets combining both their very own style of disco rock and dark deep electronic sounds. Defining their style mostly through their funky mixing-technique, has allowed various types of electronic dance-music find their way into Schwipp ϟ Schwapps dj-bag including Disco, Rock, Italo, Minimal, straight Electro, breaks and tomorrows sound today.

Just returned from their Asia Tour, they just got signed together with their good friend and producer BRM. ! ! The upcoming EP will be released Summer 2014.