Stonedrifters Soundbrigarde


Formed in september 2004 by Frontman Gary Ferguson in the bands hometown of Billingham (North-East England) Lead Guitarist Jamie Dawson joined in the following weeks and after various other changes in line-up Bassist Daniel Stokes joined in April 2008 and drum magician Stephan the assasin finished off the 4 piece in january 2013.

After years of gigging around the local area and other parts of England the band got their first break
early in 2009 in Berlin with a well promoted and packed out show at the white trash, management and promotion company British Bands Ignite were first to take the lead and offered a mamagement contract based in berlin.In september 2009 we travelled from our industrial hometown to the german capital to embark on the next chapter of our music career.

Since moving to Berlin stonedrifters have played numerous shows in and around Berlin,featured on Star Fm radio and supported the cranberries at the beautiful Max schmeling halle.The band have constantly moved in a forward direction with their attitude, personality, musicianship and overall sound as a band.
The band recorded there album at The Royal Academy Of Art And Music in Oslo, Norway over the new year period(2010/2011) and with the variety of differents tones and changing moods throughout,we decided to give it the title “potions”. It is evident upon listening, why, when you hear difference’s in sound from one track to the next, from the 6 minute epic psychadelic winder “when will the lizard sleep” to the moving story of a girl jilted by life in the melodic “no luck lust honey”.

The 4 members bring an array of influences and inspirations to the table from their musical heroes right through to the things that make them laugh or cry and with Stephans solid beats and creative fills, Dan’s driving, sometimes Entwistle-esque bass-lines forming the perfect platform for gary to unwind his subtle yet aggressive vocal melodies, finished off with Jamies melodic,aggressive and ear worm-like lead riffs,shared with the ability to perform to near perfection onstage, its easy to hear why this ambitious Anthemic pop rock band are recieving keen interest from the industry in the U.S and Germany.