Tanaka Canziani


Tanaka Canziani is a musical project fueled by love, passion and the occasional Club Mate binge at late night recording sessions. The two party proven heroes of Tanaka Canziani, Kenji and Jacques, have first crossed paths where a lot of epic fairy tales begin: in front of Berlin’s Sisyphos.
Surrounded by the empowering atmosphere of birds singing, basses humming and drunkards passing out, the two discovered that they have more in common than their infamous moustaches and their appreciation of Berlin nightlife.

It’s primarily their love for music. Jack, or Jacques as he likes to refer to himself is a San Diego native. He left sunny California in the early summer of 2012 to move to the holy land. Having played music and written poetry throughout most of his life, he is contributing to the project both as the lyricist and vocalist and producer.

Knowing and appreciating a broad variety of music, he incorporates different styles into his vocals and to further differentiate Tanaka Canzianis‘ works from other artists. Kenji grew up in Dusseldorf and took up the guitar at a young age and was playing and singing in bands throughout his teens. He studied music production and audio engineering and had just left his former indie rock band as a keyboardist the summer he and Jacques had met. After several after-hours and after hours sweating and busting in the studio they debuted and played their first set at Neukölln’s Sameheads in late June 2013 and instantly enchanted the crowd. Gigs at friends parties and local bars followed that finally landed them a gig at 2013’s Fusion Festival, just after having worked together for a couple of months.

They have now played some of Berlin’s (*premier) clubs such as Sisyphos, Fiese Remiese and the much missed Kater Kiosk after hour location. This summer, they’ll be playing three of the most anticipated festivals: Fusion, Plötzlich am Meer and Wilde Möhre.
Tanaka Canziani is not only ready to make Berlin’s grimey dance floors sweat but to kill all ego and further take over the world with positive vibes, trippy arpeggiators and synths and fat bass grooves.